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                • 1 Branded Advantages

                  Italian high-end home brand, big home ecological-chain, providing one-stop customized high-end home overall solution.

                • 2 R&D Advantage

                  Inkside, Stygraph, and Techographica, Europe's top design agencies, are join together in product development.

                • 3 Background Advantage

                  Strong capital strength, 2 billion to create the "integrated home" first IP.

                • 4 Design Advantage

                  FINCIBEC, MIRAGE, ABK, PADANA, INALCO top original design, teamed up with Paolo Pininfarina, the father of Ferrari, to participate in product design, cross-border integration, and innovation.

                • 5 Operational Advantage

                  20 years of industry and operation management experience, forward-looking to the industry, sustainable for the brand, and guaranteed to the customer.

                • 6 Platform Advantage

                  Through the integration of global high-quality home building materials industry resources, we have established cooperative relationships with Italian front-end brands FINCIBEC, MIRAGE, ABK, PADANA, and INALCO of Spain, and introduced international front-end brands, international operation concepts and international trend products.

                • 7 Product Advantages

                  VIRGCASA products cover all kinds of home decoration materials and soft-packed products such as tiles, customized furniture, sanitary ware, wooden floors, kitchen appliances, coatings, wooden doors, clap board and decoration accessories, etc., to meet the full style of the home space, and the channels are not limited.

                • 8 Production Advantage

                  VIRG CASA has cooperate with four production bases in Italy: FINCIBEC, MIRAGE, ABK, PADANA, Spain production base: INALCO, the world's advanced technology, follow the European standard control, to ensure production capacity and quality.

                • 9 Smart Advantage

                  VIRG CASA pioneered a high-end full-box custom multi-category design model - VIRG CASA cloud design, 10 minutes quick map; VR virtual technology, 720° panoramic experience, immersive feeling of future home; cloud system manufacturing, one Key intelligent production, solve the problem of terminal retail shopping guide design, significantly improve the order rate.

                • 10 Service Advantage

                  600 million help fund to build a national benchmark store; headquarters staff channel development, multi-dimensional brand promotion; VIRG business school professional training, build a strength team; 5G gold housekeeper help system, achieve double performance; two-way protection, strict control of the market , to protect the benefit.

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